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tv   News 4 This Week  NBC  August 8, 2009 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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♪ >> welcome to news4 this week. >> hello everyone. we are going to show you some of the most interesting local stories making news this week. among them, news for your kids health. how to prevent childhood obesity. >> when i play basketball, i don't think about anything. >> they live in iraq and they are overcoming huge obstacles on and off the cour and we're facing dire consequences because of the state of our oceans. find out what you can do to help in going green. but first, what would you do if you were forced to deliver a
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ban baby in your own home? her daughter called 911 and the dispatching talked her and the baby's father through the delivery. >> this is mariella born more than a week ago on her parent's living room floor. >> a special girl who came into the world in a special way. >> thomas went into labor at her home. they real laszed they couldn't make it to the hospital. >> it was one of my worst fears. something that i feared so much that i actually dreamed about. almost like a nightmare. but, somehow it turned out very well j well. >> they called 911 and were guided along by a dispatcher on
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the other end. >> i said should we call the doctor or t911. when she said call 911 i was scared and then kicked it into jo overdrive. >> it was a good feeling. i asked her what she had and congratulated her. it was pretty exstatic. it was a neat experience. >> the dispatcher has never done anything like this before. there is a manual that pro vivi step by step in instructions. mom, dad and baby got to meet the team seconds after mariella was born. together they listened to the call that no one here would forget. >> very good. did you have a boy or girl?
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>> girl. >> congratulations. >> now that it is over they are happy that the birth went the way that it did. she wanted to have the child naturally, but not quite this way. >> i'm a believer that things happen when and how they are supposed to happen. i don't think i would have done anything differently. >> darcy spencer, news4. >> lisa thomas said it could have been worse, at least she didn't have the baby in the car on the way to the hospital. what do these people have in common? th are in a group of 25 fittest guys. the group includes lebron james and d.c. mayor. the magazine cites his work-out schedule for the reason he was
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put on that list. he is also an avid swimmer and biker. >> in news for your health, new study show s it may be more dangerous than once thought. researchers found that levels of depression are higher in kids who that later bedtimes on school nights. those increase their risk of depression by 25%. >> the average 12th grader is getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night when they need more like nine. >> any amount of depression should be looked at. anything that could prevent it from happening short of medication should be looked at seriously. >> similar studies have shown that a lack of sleep impacts everything from performance to wait control.
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medical experts say doing simple things like reading and playing video games can hurt your child's recovery. >> i cooped up the ground ball and was picking it up someone came down on my head around there. and i didn't think anything of it because i get hit like that all the time. >> but hours later, 12-year-old drew said his head started hurting. he was feeling nauseous and was ultrasensitive to bright lights and loud noises. he had a kconcussion. >> the first one was pain, it was bad it hurt so much. couldn't look at bright lights, or loud sounds. stayed in a dark quiet room and took a few like motrins or something and slept.
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>> he had problems concentrating. reading gave him a hillary clinton. >> n >> going back to school too soon can cause more harm. >> it is not only painfulnd difficult for the child to bear, but it also may be delaying their recovery in that we are not allowing that brain to rest and recover. >> dr. joya specializes in treating concussions. he said a strong blow to the brain can change a child's brain chemistry. >> when we are concentrating, when we are thinking, remembering, when we are reading, when we are doing math problems, thing that is are required inschool, you are
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asking them to do a lot of work. >> he says a brain with the c concussi concussion, is like having a tired brain, it is hard to concentrate. if you stress it and overstress that brain that is not capable of doing the same amount of work that it can normally do, you are putting a greater burden on it. >> he started playing again. even after suffering from two concussions, he hopes to avoid a third. >> i'm excited to get back. >> dr. joya said there is no set standard when a child can miss school. most kids are given tests that can help determine how long the recovery time should be. childhood obesity is a problem throughout the name.
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the earlier children get active the less likely they will become overweight. morgan is 3 years old and loves to run, and play and catch. >> i think it is important for kids to be involves in anything. she liked a variety of activities. >> two points. >> according to the centers for disease control, nearly 20% of the children between the ages of 6 and 11 are overweight, 20%. one big reason for that, they are not getting enough exercise. >> it is good for their general health. it is good for your strength and flexib flexiblity. >> children over the age of two should get 60 minutes of physical activity most days of the week. they should limit their time in
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front of the television or computer to one to two hours a day. >> if a child is fit and active now, they are more likely to be an active adult. >> parents need to set good examples for their children. >> whether parents are out there with child throwing the ball, or walking with them around the block or helping them join the y or watch their little league game. those things important. >> still move ahead this week. including a local teen faced with a loss who beat the odds to acc accomplish his academic goals. >>
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some customers have been asked to check bk accounts. the coffee chain admitted that it double charged customers in may. it affected customers who used their accounts in may. robo calls, experts say they are trying to take your money. liz crensh has more on what is
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behind those calls. >> hey, guys, rick morgan here. sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. >> robocallers contacts consumers with an opportunity few can ignore. >> it can cut your monthly payments in half. >> the caller is sure you need his help. >> i do see here you are only making the minimum payments on those. >> cynthia got a call like this one. >> the call says that i can lower my credit card rate. there is an urgency to it. >> snyder says she doesn't carry a balance, but after getter her robocall again and again. she decided to dig a little. >> i pressed one. and when i did that, i asked the person which account they were calling about.
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and when i probed further, they hung up on me. >> this is the final call before we close the file. >> this scam falls on the heels of the robo calling scam. but the ftc says, as long as there are machines that will dial consumers every day, there are schemers that will take advantage. >> if you get a call like this, it is almost certainly a scam. >> was rick morgan trying to scam us? we called to find out. >> i got a call from rick morgan who sounded like he knew me. >> i have to sign up and then you tell me who you are. >> so i sign up and then i can
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get out of it later if i don't like the way it looks? >> the ftc says beware of companies like this. >> if they won't tell you who you are working for, that is a red flag. >> and the biggest red flag of all is the llrocabo it self. >> the recording is not permitted by the current rules. >> the falls for telemarketing are illegal. >> they are ripping people off. i would ke to see them put out of business. >> i'm sorry it meca taken soe long to get back to u.yo >> lizwrehansu. news4. >> if you want to complain, tha number is 1-877-ftc-help. you can reach them online at >> still ahead, how basketb
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a virginia teen is heading to college this fall after overcoming a family tragedy. he and his fil were in a car accident. it forced him to quickly become the man of the family. he never lost sight of his academic goals. >> i turned it in. >> reporter: it has been a busy and rewarding year. there was college and scholarship applications. when he transferred here as a sophomore, this counselor was n a warning though. he and hasgi family had been in terrible accident. his father, and grandmother were killed, his mother was injured. >> the fact that he had to step up at the man of the house and you know, help support the
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family. and then maintain his integrity. >> his father was the sole income earner for the family. >> i had the end goal in sight. that i needed to help my mom as soon as possible. i needed to get a job and the only way to do that is through an education. that is what pushed me to get good grades and stay in school and continue trying to be the best. >> indeed he became a top student at the school. he was one of five local winners of a beat the odds scholarship. along with academic achievement, oshnul's humility is one of his greatest qualities. >> i was surprised that i won it. i beat the odds and i was
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honored that i received the scholarship. >> he actually received three other scholarships, nearl $10,000 in awards, every penny essential to pursue his goal. finishing college and taking care of his family. >> he is headed to george mason university where he will study engineering. keith garvin has more on our next story. >> inside the center on george mason's campus, practice in an arena that has seen championship basketball. the players here today are trying to create a better life on and off the court. they are a group of ten teens from iraq. in a partnership with the state department, mason's staff took
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them lou a one-day camp. >> ready? let's go. >> but with a sport like basketball, some things are universal. >> it is probably the top sport for girls, so there is more interest there. >> we take the experience from the coaches and others and we can use it in our country in iraq to serve our country and to help other girl. >> they come from all regions of iraq. in their culture, tveli is require. in a country that has been tornado by war, this was an opportunity they couldn't pass up. >> i don't think about war or anything. maybe basketball helps us to forget about anything else in this country. >> the girls are learning about fast breaks, layups and how to become better shooters.
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this camp is about developing leadersh leadership. >> they are being teachers as well. they are respecting others. >> life is like a group and a team, we have to work with each other to learn from each other. >> learning on the court about lessons they hope last a life time. >> at george mason university, keith garvin news4. >> coming up, what
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the next time you sit by the ocean working on your tan, consider this, we could not live without those large bodies of water, and yet we are slowly killing them. it is easy to take some time to think about our oceans and what we can do to save them. >> they are in trouble and human
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behavior is to blame. >> it is important for people to understand how much trouble the oceans are in. we are fishing too much and polluting too much and climate change is devastating our oh se oceans. >> it makes the water acidic. it wears away the tiny shells that trecreatures need to survi >> the same carbon dioxide makes the world warmer, is diinvolssi the oceans and changing the ph. things like clams and oysters have a harder time making their shells. >> coral is considered the rain forest of the sea. deep sea fishing practices are destroying these fragile reefs.
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>> if we don't do something about it soon, by the middle of the century, we may be seeing mass extinction of these thing. >> nature alone prevents many of them from surviving to adulthood because the eggs are laid on land. the sea turti inle doesn't have chance. what dan you do? make educated choices when you eat fish. be careful about those lawn treatments, the fertilizers are washed into our waterway s creating dead zones. never eat shark fin soup. they are being finished alive and dumped into the water to diane awful death. you can help change that.
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do, stand by the shore and be aed by the great pewer of these living aqua scapes. they are a life force as surely as we are. its ia sacred relationship that deserves our vigilance. >> beautiful pictures. that is all for this week. thank you for joining us and have a great weekend.
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